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Find Out What a Residential Electrician Can Do for You

We’ll Wire Your Gresham, or House From Basement to Attic

Do you have all kinds of high-tech appliances in your home? Have you noticed that your lights flicker when you turn on said appliances? It might be time to update your electrical wiring. A residential electrician at Craftsman Electric, Inc will examine your system to pinpoint the issue. You can choose the electrical services you need within your budget.

Don’t wait another day to get in touch with an electrician in Gresham, Oregon about your home wiring needs. Contact us right away.

close-up of electrician installing an electrical outlet

We’ll Handle the Electrical Work for These Projects

Craftsman Electric can do more than upgrade your electrical wiring. You should enlist the help of a residential electrician in Gresham, OR if…

  • You’re finishing your basement.
  • You’re building your dream home.
  • You’re remodeling or adding onto your home.

You can count on our experienced crew to install your new electrical panel, circuits or wiring properly. Call 503-899-8401 today to schedule the electrical services you need.

Contact Us Today for Quality Electrical Services!